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WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD... GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY...HOME OF THE ORIGINAL "NAME YOUR PRICE TRAINING"... We match GSA Schedules and others on case by case basis we may have minimum pricies due to supply and demand.



Call For Large Groups, tell us if you have 10 or more people to train! 

Pay by company check or credit cards we reserve the right not to accept personal checks unless they have cleared the bank before Certifications are given.  No refunds within two days of class or for "no shows" or certification is issued. We do allow only if within class run time four  hours  a refund option to be paid within 10 days,

Some professional seminars are powered by Microsoft PowerPoint® and a number of other resources. For a full line of related safety equipment competitive pricing see to outfit your facility, project, or Emergency Response team we request you call for a quote or FAX us a list to price (800) 275-8239. We accept  credit cards for payment first time customers prepay unless it is a Federal government Purchase Order. TRAVEL SERVICES  ACTUAL AND REASONABLE COST  PLUS 15%, SET-UP NOT INCLUDED FOR NATIONWIDE OR INTERNATIONAL TRAINING.  We do not give physicals that is the employers responsibility and to follow OSHA requirements to furnish the regulation to the company attending physician and the tasks thus to provide medical surveillance if getting HAZWOPER Training.


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Online training available or as supplemental



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Why us? We are the Leader The Rest Will Follow!  We have  many years of proven field experience in instruction, numerous years of expert HAZWOPER experience, equipment, and it is fun!  We are centrally and accessible internationally in Chicago South Loop just off the Dan Ryan Expressway with the most flexible schedule in the industry.  Certified for federal government payment. We work for you providing leading external EHS / IH services our client companies ALWAYS issue with us a certification for training upon paying CSI the certifications are always issued.  Thereafter the employer who has issued a certification is not obligated to replacement HAZWOPER certifications or others and we charge a reasonable replacement fee of $50.00 for the original.

Government approved vendor CCR Registered and ORCA we take government credit cards upon payment and anyone passing by demonstrating their skills is always issued in person a certification for HAZWOPER.


Forty-Hour HAZWOPER OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 Initial HAZWOPER Training

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Forty-Hour initial HAZWOPER training, in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120 (e)(3)(i) for general site workers (such as equipment operators, general laborers, and professionals) engaged in hazardous substance removal or other activities, which expose or potentially expose workers to hazardous substances. Workers who are Environmental Technicians, Emergency Response Teams, Disaster Site Workers, Laborers, Chemists, Geologists, Engineers, and Industrial Plant Workers.  Training is accomplished by a variety of audio visual resources Powered by Microsoft PowerPoint, video, lecture, drawings and simulations.  Trainees demonstrate their skills by written test 50 questions closed book multiple choice, True False and a few fill in the blanks and performance in a ERT team.  We have a variety of equipment such as MSA SCBA, Interspiro SCBA, Full Face and other Respirators.  Trainees are taught to use Personal Protective Equipment and instrumentation a lecture is given on sampling with direct reading instruments.  We have level A and Level B suits.  Clicking the heading for each course provides an additional overview of course material that may be customized if it is required by your organization. The OSHA Standard requires trainees to have additional 3 days under a trained Supervisor once you put them to work and under a trained  Supervisor Trained


Our results are proven by trainees responding in extremely challenging environments Arctic and Gulf of Mexico Heat; where both public and private sector HAZWOPER personnel work.  Government Rates available for groups only 9 or more we service the DOE, Nuclear D&D, military clean-up and have USCOE experience. 


Spill response or Government call for group discount starts at 10 Federal, Employees or long term established customers. Walk in trainees without an employer we do not guarantee any employment with us or any other company Spill Teams under contract.  We reserve the right to request trainees to produce fitness for duty or assert they are medically qualified to work under the provisions of 29 CFR 1910.120 (f) clearances may be required such as a Doctors Statement trainees can wear a respirator and work under a heavy work load where it is hot in required PPE up to Level A totally encapsulating suit.


On location or Global Service is Cost Plus + 15%.  Emergency call out cost plus +25% two days or less.  We can also sell and train you with the latest and/or most any specific equipment for your needs as Super Safety is a wholesaler and distributor for safety equipment.  We reserve the right to charge for any additional costs we incurred such as Airport Fees, Parking, Shipping, Duty, VAT, and others.


Disclaimer: Suggested Physicals [Highly recommended and required OSHA prior to any respirator training] failure to do so could result injury or illness.  The employer is responsible for all physicals and determining if employees are physically qualified for training that is physically demanding.  Walk-in people are responsible for their own physical, we do not pay for physicals.  Employers not is responsible to ensure their employees are medically qualified 29 CFR 1910.120 (f) or 29 CFR 1910.134 OSHA respirators . By contracting our services you agree your physicals compliant.  See the rule if you opt lesson the requirement; to be restricted to Level D no respirators; other go all the way to Level A!


We reserve the right cancel without refund in such instances, lack of participation, fatigue, excessive tardiness, trainees may come back to next regular session however, we reserve the right to refuse admittances and/or must pay again for training no exceptions.  Please let us know one week  in advance of booking if possible especially for walk-ins day of training call first we can not guarantee seats without pre-registering, we reserve the right to charge a Late Registration Fee for anyone paying after training starts no refunds for late participants.



INCLUDES TRAVEL TO ANY LOCATION Minimums $60.00 or more may apply such as travel time over 60 miles and Cost Plus 15%


[Register less than two people and < 1 business day or pay "Day of Training" Call for availability and Late Payments: Pay 5% Net 30, for HAZWOPER 40 Hour and Void Discount's) on any training.  Credit account is pre-established account with credit application for past 30 days on file].  Emergency response call out is higher and may include online training.



Supervisors or Managers Companies please note that OSHA says Managers on site must have additional 8 Hours of training and trainees must be Supervised by the same. Students discounts available, call us typically requires student ID verified.


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Emergency Call Out Groups

24-Hour Initial Training or Emergency Response Training (ERT)   Pre-Pay Preferred For Group Discount.


AIRCRAFT EMERGENCY RESPONSE IS priced by the job plus equipment rental (or purchase) and cleaning fees. INCLUDES TRAVEL TO ANY LOCATION Minimums $60.00 or more may apply such as travel time over 60 miles and Cost Plus 15%

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239


Twenty Four-Hour initial HAZWOPER training, in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120 (e) (ii- and iii) for: (ii) workers on site only occasionally for a specific limited task (such as, but not limited to, ground water monitoring, land surveying, or geophysical surveying) and who are unlikely to be exposed over permissible exposure limits and published exposure limits; (iii) workers regularly on site who work in areas, which have been monitored, and fully characterized indicating that exposures are under permissible exposure limits and published exposure limits where respirators are not necessary, and the characterization indicates that there are no health hazards or the possibility of an emergency developing. This may parallel Technicians and Specialist Emergency Response Training (ERT). TSDFs personnel will be trained to meet the OSHA requirements for Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities basic respirator cleaning and maintenance and Personal Protective Equipment PPE selection and use.  Other ERT Specialists courses may be up to Eighty Hours cost plus.


 Disaster Site Worker Training

Price and schedule

subject to availability call.

This course is designed for workers of disaster sites where disasters occurred it is for the trades and public sector and all personal who work on at Disaster Sites.  Personnel learn to assist under the Incident Command System or Unified Incident Command structure and what is expected of the worker and what to expect!  This training is taught by us and trainees receive the new OSHA certification for workers as Disaster Site Workers.  Eventually the training may lead to selection of workers over others for these types of operations by those in control.  Course is subject to limited availability and we reserve the right to sub-contract it to our network or " The Greatest Trainer s" .  Limited availability

We are "The Leader the Rest Will Follow!"



Pricing Call

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Per 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(8), CSI offers eight hours of refresher that is required annually on the items specified in initial training and any critique of incidents that have occurred in the past year that can serve as training examples of related work, and other relevant topics.  Hands on SCBAs. Discounts for groups or on Fridays call for details.


8-Hour Management and Supervisor Training

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239


In accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(4), CSI offers eight additional hours (to those who have completed applicable initial training) of specialized management and supervisor training that includes the employer's safety and health program, personal protective equipment program, spill containment program, and health hazard monitoring procedure and techniques. OSHA requires this for supervisors. Minimums may apply unless we indicate otherwise.  We include PPE selection and use!


Permit Required Confined Space Training 

Rescue requires First Aid & CPR

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Per 29 CFR 1910.146 CSI conducts training for confined space industry to prepare employees to participate in employers Permit Space program and get the most from existing site specific training prior to entry.  Our hands on Training involves using a entry permit to enter a 2 Foot diameter hole with a harmless odor inside in Level C, Level B, or Level A depending upon needs of the client.  A rescue is simulated; vertical entry with tripod available for workers who could enter vertically please inform us if you want this included such as storage tank entry.  They are trained on the duties of Authorized Entrants, Entry Supervisor, Attendants, and Rescue. Any customized manuals or equipment can be included for a slight extra cost. Remember to get First Aid and CPR if your planning on rescue too included with this course and fee.  Group price $300.00 each, you may call to see if group discounts are available.


Advanced with First Aid CPR certification

Permit Required Confined Space Regulation Review and Refresher.  For 29 CFR 1910.146 CSI conducts training for confined space and offers this comprehensive regulation review and non entry rescue; please inform us if your want entry for rescue teams.  Powered by Microsoft PowerPoint. Pre-pay discounts available.


30 Hour CONSTRUCTION Training  OSHA Authorized 30 hours for construction the OSHA rule, participants receive a DOL/OSHA card.  This is an advanced course for Superintendents, Owners, Safety Supervisors and Personnel Managers. Construction Site Managers should attend and/or for employers designated competent person. This course is most often used for protection of employees by Superintendents and safety personal or Journeyman, for general contractors and sub-contractors doing construction in Chicago for big projects or large buildings.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

10 Hour CONSTRUCTION Training    Safety training instruction 10 hours for construction basic safety.  This course is rapidly becoming the entry stamp for most Industrial Facility Contractor Workers.  Discounts for groups 4 or more trainees or more depending on two weeks notice. Minimum 3 persons.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239


10 Hour General Industry Training    10 hours for General Industry basic safety, participants receive  attendance.  This course is for facilities, plants, Basic OSHA Standard review, and safety training for (Chemical Hazard Communication) lockout-tag out. 

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

30 Hour General Industry Training   equivalent training 30 hours for construction the OSHA rule, participants receive attendance letter.  This is an advanced course for Superintendents, Owners, Safety Supervisors and Personnel Managers. Safety Professionals should attend. Minimum 3 persons.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Fork Lift Training on location hands on the original Forklift Rodeo!  Call Initial Forklift training we will tell you the Forklift fees depending on the size and type of Forklift your group is going to be using.  Forklift Update Price $125.00 per person for the 3 year Update. Pricing due to Forklift costs is subject to change.  requires Forklift Rental Fee (Unless you have your own Forklift you will be charged the rental fee) Discounts available on-site for groups. Minimums may apply.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Excavation Training in depth understanding of the regulation for the person the employer designates as the Competent person and general site workers.  We also train Laborers and Heavy Equipment Operators on the hazards of excavations who would work under the protection of the Employer's Competent person.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

National Safety Council Novice Flagger Training  Per Person Discounts available for Flagger groups.

This is for contractors doing dork in highways or city roads and is required by local law and OSHA. In addition, security firms and building employees who have vehicles enter the highways or streets.

Some trainees seek jobs we do not provide placement but encourage applications with contractors or unions doing highway work or security in Chicago's buildings.  Pre pay is required by cashiers check, money order or credit card.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

DOT Training Initial HAZMAT Training


Comprehensive Hazardous Materials training for Shippers, Carriers, and CDL Haz-Mat endorsed Drivers.  Large Groups  > 15 persons Discounts Available. Deluxe materials may be extra. The initial comprehensive 24 Hour DOT Hazmat Training   Warning: No commercial employee may haul listed hazardous waste unless they are registered with the state as a licensed Hazardous Waste Hauler.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Hotel and Building Security and Terrorism Preparedness call for pricing.   These programs are customized for Site Specific conditions, Buildings, Facilities, plants, terminals, heavy security, weapons recommendations by a military expert, and Homeland Security for facility management and private business Etc.  By arrangement.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

General Industry: safety services and safety training for (Chemical Hazard Communication) lockout-tag out, Bloodborne pathogens, confined spaces, Hearing Conservation, Powered Industrial Trucks, and many others our Special Services assist in  Industrial Safety, EHS Audits Etc.

We also provide for Product Safety needs for the worker and end user.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

American Heart Association CPR, ADD , FIRST AID 0, + (AED ADDDDITIONAL)

Discounts for groups of three to five

Large groups 12 to ___ AED Demonstration Included depending on needs of the group.  Deep discounts for elementary schools and North American Shrine organizations.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Mine Safety and Health Act Authorized Training

MSHA Initial Miner 24 Hour Training and Part 48 Miner Refresher



We train under our Part Metal and Non Metal (Example Underground Gold or Surface Copper) Mine Safety Training Plan and Surface Mining

If you need our assistance to build your Part 46 Training plan or others you must name us as competent person to do your training and have a Mine Safety Training Plan Authorized by MSHA Approved First Aid and Surface Instructors

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Pricing varies

depending on enrollment.

Hazard Communication and Global Harminization use of the  Safety Data SHeet (SDS)by  Manager or Workers. Training to meet the new requirements for Global Harmonization, pictograms, SDS, labels, or train the trainer available.  Industrial Hygiene characterization services for manufacturing avaiable separately from training.

Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239


Other programs we train for are many for safety include Lock-Out, Hazard Communication, Spill Training, Respirators, Industrial Hygiene, Safety Management, and others.

DOT TRAINING DRUG AND ALCOHOL AWARENESS AND/OR MANAGERS for each for Reasonable Suspicion Supervisors.


Site Safety Supervisor Training

On Site field Training under trained Site Supervisor.



Eighty-Hour Train the Trainer HAZWOPER training

Eighty-Hour Train the Trainer HAZWOPER training, in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120 (e)(3)(i) for general site workers (such as equipment operators, general laborers, and professionals) engaged in hazardous substance removal or other activities, which expose or potentially expose workers to hazardous substances. The OSHA Standard requires trainees to have additional 3 days under a trained Supervisor once you put them to work. 

Pre-requisite: All Instructors must have our 80 hour HAZWOPER training during their Train the Trainer, Industrial Hygiene Degree, or a Degree in Safety, or must have two years of safety professional experience, Journeyman, or professional safety designation, verifiable military NBC training such as a verifiable military training form indicating NBC Tng. or 1 years experience HAZWOPER Site Safety Officer or safety training experience with a HAZWOPER Instructor.  Physicals required prior to training.

Supervisors or Managers must have additional 8 Hours of training.  Government Rates.


2 Weeks



Pricing Call

(800) 275-8239

Per Person Ea.


TO BOOK TRAINING CALL (800) 275-8239

 [We reserve the right to change our pricing or schedule (if we cancel there is a full refund) at anytime due to our established clients needs, or supply and demand.  Please understand we must charge for missed days the cost is calculated on a case by case basis and may cost more per day extra or in most cases the course must be retaken at full price this must be done to cover our administrative costs.  On occasion with established customers we may put the trainee into another scheduled course e.g. respirator training with others provided it was taught by the same instructor.  Each situation on a case by case basis and is subject to our final decision.


Late arrival policy: Trainees must attend all scheduled hours all work shall be made up as determined by instructor or prearranged, severe or repeated tardiness (over 45 minutes) Instructor shall be paid by company or trainee $50.00 per hour or $440.00 per 8 hour make-up day.  Instructor shall arrange time at Instructor’s convenience and reserves the right to cancel with no refund as service already started.  Any alternative must be approved by the Instructor or Director of Training in writing.



To lock in pricing a signed registration is required and we may FAX Invoice back or E-Mail it to you or the comptroller.]

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