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Other positions listed below.

All positions may require extensive background check and security clearances a conviction will not necessarily bar you but all felonies must be disclosed.


By applying and using this application process you agree to hold harmless and indemnify us from any cause of action, harm or any liability as the law allows and you consent to a background investigation if your considered for employment you will be notified if your application is selected.  We can not reply and consider all emails and resumes.  However if your selected you will be notified if you are selected and an application will be provided at that time.


 All positions require operating in a confidential manner background check required.  The position may require security clearances, access to client facilities (drug testing is required) and thus are taken into consideration as the law allows.  Confidentiality agreement, company retains all inventions and work ownership.

Other positions in 2012-2013 may be available and may be on filled depending on our advancing needs.




Business operations specialists, MS Degree

Executive office and administrative assistants, entry level to BS or MS Degree

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, entry level 2 Year Associates or higher

Customer service representatives, entry level 2 year Degree

Secretaries, safety coordinators,

executive salesman, entry level MS Degree or higher

Office clerks, general cleaning


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Clerk: position reports to the Administration Manager and assists the owner with sales.

Non Paying Intern and Externships in Environmental safety and health or industrial hygiene.

EHS or IR Intern: does reports, inspections, and assist with training development and  implementation other related duties in EHS.

Industrial Hygienist Intern: Develops and implements checklist and other duties related to industrial hygiene to include training program assignments.


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