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Dear Valued Client,


Here are some plain language answers to the health and safety services.  Chicago Safety Institute is now Hendy Company, Super Safety or Chicago Safety Institute (Business Management Consulting Specialist Services for business continuity, Safety, Emergency Response Products and Emergency Response Management, Expert Witness, and all types of OSHA, EPA, DOT and MSHA Safety Training) and Super Safety child company (Distributor of Safety Equipment) offering the continuity and emergency services you need.


Our Commitment


We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective services, performed by highly qualified, experienced professionals, delivered in a timely and professional manner.We will assist you in achieving a strong emergency contingency plan, disaster planning, safety and health program that reduces costs, and at the same time fulfills your business continuity, OSHA compliance obligations and EHS needs.Chicago Safety Instituteô uses the latest technologies to provide new or enhancement of existing safety programs to government contractors, and government agencies.We are a Government Contractor registered with CCR and special Veteran identity for our government services.


 Our Commitment is devoted to internal and external customers or critical teaming agreements.


We pride ourselves in being able to work well with others.  We provide limited SSHO services or advanced full services. We maintain the highest ethics, morals and mutual commitment to the mission(s).



Full Range of Business Continuity or Safety Management Services


Safety management services that bring health and safety to our industrial and government clients for improvement and accident reduction through initial foresight and or corrective actions.


I.                    CONCEPTS AND METHODOLOGY


Here are the steps normally involved in having us planning for emergency contingencies or Site Specific Safety Plan or work plan for you and lean management to streamline production, Emergency Contingency Planning, Environmental Survey for Plans and Permitting, Emergency Planning Hazards Assessment, operations guidence or other services:


                                            Research and preliminary hazard or needs assessment.

                                            Presentation of concepts, RCRA waste management, Emergency Contingency Plan, Safety Plan and business continuity and other as needed.

                                            Work place hazard assessment, Site walk for Emergency Contingency Plans, or preliminary survey by qualified person for facility.

                                            Interactive health and safety audit to gather internal input.

                                            Some facilities require Emergency Planning Hazards Assessment (EPHA) - Technical Review

                                            Review or developement of SERC and LEPC Disaster plan for facility.  Annual reviews. Assessments chemical inventory for county and municipal reporting Etc.

                                            Interactive Spill Plan Review combining information.

                                            Business continuity evaluation, planning, development.

                                            Network security and computer back ups.

                                            Some cases GAP study performed here, workers management, resources actual vs. being implemented.

                                            Review of audit findings into a comprehensive report to suggest improvements.

                                            Final review and research.

                                            First copy of HASP draft.


                                            Final Draft of HASP and/or Standard Operating Procedures SOPs

                                            Initial Training and monitoring (To be determined).

                                            Business continuity implementation and validation.

                                            Annual Audit and Training

                                            Annual review of emergency contingency plan and LEPC requirements.

                                            5 Year Review of Written Safety Program and Audit

                                                 Other emergency contingency plan, business continuity, HASP, emergency services or continuity evaluation, planning, development and implementation to other locations.




II.                 ASSIGNMENT


We have accomplished work in the government and private sectors. We do not represent ourselves as being a part of the federal government and have no conflict of interest. We disclaimed the word OSHA for any representation reason.


We can develop a written Health & Safety Program and /or Site Specific Safety Plan including Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).With changes in regulations, people are uncertain about the status of their safety and health during OSHA inspections or if someone is injured.Again, almost any business is going to use the safety services or products at least once or twice, so it will pay back its cost and you should see a slight increase in productivity.This is a must within certain government agencies.


Furthermore, we provide a Personal Protective Equipment assessment should it be needed.All manufacturing typically has some basic safety equipment in their processes.Through our affiliate Super Safety Company we may be able to offer you savings in safety equipment procurement too.We propose to work with your people to come up with what is the most cost effective solution.


Site Safety Supervisor service offered and/or training.


III.               TIMING


If you can turn around copy reviews within a week or so, it is realistic for us to have final approved copy in a short time one to several weeks or so depending upon the size of the project.We can do the project in an even shorter period by onsite reviews if necessary.The minimum would be as if 7 Days expedited.


Site Safety Plans for Emergency Response and Services immediately begin.


IV.              Cost estimate for Government Services is as follows:


1. For orders up to $2,500 - Develop a Scope of Work (SOW) and have your procurement office place the order directly with Chicago Safety Institute.

2. Procurement and supply for orders over $2,500 - Develop a performance-based SOW, Request for quote to us for your best value criteria, and place the order with us. Check your latest procurement rules on occasion we have to update SAMs call us first please.

3 . In order to further decrease costs, reduce paperwork, and save time, access Chicago Safety Institute directly by establishing a Blanket Purchase Agreement. Contact the Chicago Safety Institute for details.

4. We are a small business however we are very specialized and good at what we do.

 The tables 1  below and Table 2 provide some basic information additional information can be obtained by contacting us at (800) 275-8239.

Prices subject to change depending on a number of factors e.g.  availability of personnel and travel, location supply and demand.

Table 1

2011 Basic Professional Service

and Emergency Response


Time and Half for Overtime Past 8 Hours


8 Hours

Time and Half for Overtime

One Day Minimum

Total Proposed

To be determined


$625.00 $5000.00 $3000.00 Negociable rates; cost plus Travel actual and reasonable plus 15%
One day call out $2000.00 to 10000.00 negociable.

Industrial Hygienist (Environmental)

$ 275.00 $ 2200.00

$ 2500.00

Cost plus Travel actual and reasonable plus 15%



$ 600.00 $ 2450.00 Cost plus Travel actual and reasonable plus 15%

Health & Safety Consultant V

$ 89.00

$ 712.00

$ 1250.00

 Cost plus Travel actual and reasonable plus 15%

Health & Safety Consultant I




 Cost plus Travel actual and reasonable plus 15%

Water Safety or Site Safety Officer $72.00 $576.00 $900.00 Cost plus Travel actual and reasonable plus 15%
Cost may vary.

Administrative Assistant

$ 38.00

$ 304.00

$ 400.00

 Cost may vary.

 Training Pricing Click Here

Rental of Industrial Hygiene Equipment if needed

To be determined case by case all shipping preparation time will be charged at rate of the Professional that does the work.

If there is any issue with pricing please contact us at (800) 275-8239

Pricing subject to change some services are priced out time and material.

Quantitative Fit Testing minimum $40.00 per test plus and special needs such as respirator porting or procurement.

Advanced services are listed in Table 2 and

available for more personnel and other cost detail. Due to site specific conditions pricing is subject to change.

  Why Us?

Chicago Safety Institute brings invaluable expertise to the worksite to clarify responsibilities under OSHA and to help implement safety into projects, facilities management, restoration, and supply safety products.  By developing, plans for projects to preventing risks, implementing environmental safety and health in key operations.Through pro-active performance Client safety services are met with
analysis and our understanding your critical needs.  You can realize reduced accidents and injuries, lower Workers' Compensation costs, reduced insurance costs, improved morale, reduced (or eliminated) OSHA fines, and gained confidence in your overall program from our services.

We are a Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business / Enterprise Zone Small Business


"Keeping faith with those who serve must always be a core American value and a cornerstone of American patriotism. Because America's commitment to its servicemen and women begins at enlistment, and it must never end."  -- Barack Obama, Speech in Kansas City, MO August 21, 2007

 Terms and conditions: SERVICES REQUIRE A SIGNED AGREEMENT and/or REGISTRATION FORM, Valid ID required and/or credit card. Register for training. Prepay at time of service unless credit application on file or as an established customer. All courses are tentative until invoiced and payment is received and trainees sign in.
Cancellation Policy: To Cancel FAX and Call ten (10) business days before the class to be free thereafter no refunds, (800) 275-8239 and FAX (773) 538-8080 Thus [CANCELLATION less than < 10 DAYS WE CHARGE FULL PRICE/ less than < 3 DAYS FOR MSHA and OSHA 10 or 30 Hour upon invoice or for online or correspondence at upon invoice or registration; no exceptions without our written approval (books and the original certifications must be recovered). [NO CANCELATIONS BETWEEN December 15 and January 1, WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS will be refunded] No refunds in order to cover our cost, no show no refund, and online training or correspondence no refunds after 24 hours of registration. We reserve the right to cancel or modify prices at any time due to availability of instructors and their locations or based on supply and demands. This may be due to scheduling & to answer our clientís and Emergency Response needs, if WE CANCEL there is a FULL REFUND for cancellation. Cancellations and rescheduling fees shall apply $50.00 (Example with letter for dated after booking drug test failure & military activation excluded, Dr. Letter Medical Emergency, Court letter Jury Duty). We do not refund last minute project cancellations as we have costs too. We can perform at your facility on a cost plus 15% basis, $18.50 per hour for travel hours more than 40 miles. Seats guaranteed only upon payment. Pay by Corporate, or Certified Check, Money Order or Credit Card w/ processing fee. Late payments ANY course incur interest 15 % Per Month (or maximum allowable by law (No Exceptions) and [VOID ALL DISCOUNTS and for HAZWOPER Effective January 16, 2015, If you donít have an approved credit account here, then paying after 4 hours day of training is late registration $995.00 for 40-Hour Courses and pay $250 for 8 Hour Refresher except correspondence that is thirty days from the date of registration where applicable. Anyone may cancel in the first 4 hour four for a refund and less guest paid speakers or instructors travel and shipping we incur cost +15%.
Client agrees to pay within Thirty Days (30 Days) past due an interest fee of 15 % Per Mo. or the highest allowed by the state the lower of the two shall apply, will be charged thereafter; non-payment subject to costs for recovery. We reserve the right to Sub-Contract all or a portion of our services. Contract for payment on demand unless indicated otherwise. Other binding terms shall be on registration signed for payment these terms and those are binding and the latter shall supersede in the event of any conflicting terms.
[Client and all related persons being serviced by the authorized person signing agreeing to any of our services shall pay any attorney fees for us to recover our loss. Furthermore agree to hold harmless, indemnify, and defend David Hendy; Hendy Company, Super Safety or Chicago Safety Institute, premises, or any others e.g. staff, instructors & our contractors, and the property owners for any accidents, personal Injury, lost time, injuries, property damage and/or to be not liable for any circumstances. Other than extreme gross negligence] This is because we do not supervise your employees or give medical physicals. Other than extremely gross negligence. We are not responsible for any unforeseeable travel delays we can not anticipate or delivery dates. If at our location anyone may cancel for free if signed in on time and within four 4 Hours only. If any part of this agreement shall be found not applicable it shall not restrict the other parts from being applicable all participants shall be covered by their own or employer(s)í workers compensation, or their own insurance or employers and assume their own responsibility for any whatsoever accident or causation. That is solely the individual or employers responsibility you agree your employees are physically fit to get this training 29 CFR 1910.120(f). [Warning actual work conditions may differ from training we DISCLAIM any written or spoken information and it may only be applicable at the time of training it is for educational purposes only.] [We do not endorse any Manufactures products for any purpose].


 What will it accomplish?

The primary goals of the assessment outside of making  recommendations to reduce workplace injuries & illnesses and to ensure compliance with the agencies rules and regulations and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.  Our service will save costs we can show you the alternatives will cost more than using our service.  We can provide turnkey solutions to Environmental Safety and Health training Site Safety Services.


Thank you again to allow us to be of service to you.If you have any questions concerning any items or changes you wish to make in this proposal please let us know.† We are at your service and can be reached most anytime at.


Sincerely Yours,



Hendy Company, Super Safety or Chicago Safety Institute

(800) 275-8239



Industrial Hygienist (Environmental Safety & Health Specialty) or Senior Scientist

 Minimum Qualifications

  • 7 Year advanced education and 20+ years experience in Environmental Safety and Health.
  • OSHA authorized Outreach Instructor in Safety.
  • Computer literate in word processing, spreadsheets, Power Point, and limited data base management.
  • Familiar with workplace monitoring equipment and Industrial Hygiene.
  • Experience in Similar industry and ability to write safety programs and review Health and Safety Programs (HASP)
  • Qualified in developing and presenting adult training; 20,000+ hours experience as a classroom instructor.
  • OSHA 120+ Hour HAZWOPER train the trainer trained.
  • Ex-Military U.S. Army
  • Excellent computer skills in word processing and good skills in others.
  • Knowledgeable of safety regulations
  • Other qualifications and experience
  • Former EMT Trainer and Firefighter
  • Heavy Field Experience
  • Project Management
  • Weapons Mass Destruction Defense Trainer
  • Certified Disaster Site Worker Trainer
  • SERC and LEPC Emergency Contingency Planning and Training
  • MSHA or OSHA Chemical Inventory

Health Safety Consultant V

Minimum Qualifications

  • Masterís degree and 10+ years safety experience.
  • Excellent working knowledge of OSHA regulations
  • OSHA authorized Outreach Instructor in Safety.
  • Qualified in developing and presenting adult training; 10000 hours experience as a classroom instructor.
  • Excellent analytical abilities.
  • Computer literate in word processing, spreadsheets, Power Point, and limited data base management.
  • Familiar with workplace monitoring equipment and Industrial Hygiene.
  • Experience in Similar industry and ability to write safety programs and review Health and Safety Programs (HASP)
  • Conducts Job Safety analysis.
  • Recommends procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Ex-Military U.S. Army
  • Other qualifications and experience

Health Safety Consultant I


  • One to two years safety experience.
  • OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER trained.
  • American Heart Association Instructor (BLS).
  • Qualified in developing and presenting adult training 200 hours experience as a classroom instructor.
  • Technical note taking in health and safety audits.
  • Computer literate in word processing, some safety spreadsheets.
  • Familiar with Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Coordinates audits to prepare for writing Health and Safety Plans
  • Works under direction of other Senior Health and Safety Consultant.
  • Recommends procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Staffing For Our Cliental


  • Health and Safety
  • EHS Site Health and Safety Officers
    Safety Advisors
    Health and Safety Co-ordinators
    Safety Superintendents
    Safety Managers
    Occupational Hygienists
    Emergency Response Professionals
    Safety Engineers
    Safety Analysts
    HSE Technical Writers
    Safety System Professionals
    Corporate Health and Safety Managers
    General Manager HSE
    Directors of Health and Safety
    Training Advisor
    Training Superintendent
    Training Manager
    Learning and Development Manager
  • Quality
  • Quality Control Specialists
    Welding Inspectors
    Quality Auditors
    Quality Coordinators
    Quality Control Inspectors
    Quality Engineers
    QAQC Engineers
    QAQC Supervisors
    Project Quality Managers
    Corporate Quality Insurance Managers
  • Environmental
  • Environmental Specialist
    Environmental Advisors
    Environmental Engineers
    Environmental Scientists
    Environmental Superintendents
    Environmental Managers
    Corporate Environmental Managers
    Environmental and Compliance Professionals
    Environmental and Waste Disposal Drivers


IT Security
  IT and computer security support.

Administrative Assistant


  • Two year advanced education and three years experience in office administration, or no degree and 7 years experience in safety office administration.
  • Excellent computer skills in word processing and good skills in others.
  • Knowledgeable of safety regulations
  • HAZWOPER Certified 40 to 120 Hours
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