Industrial Hygiene services tend to be very specific or very broad in nature.

1) Find out what the problem is and find a solution.

2) Implement a Industrial Hygiene program and Industrial Hygienists to run it.

3) Implement a Industrial Hygiene program and have others manage the program utilizing a consulatant or hiring IH.

We can help with any of those services.  Below are listed other environmental industrial hygiene services.

Safety Management Service
Safety Management for business, Safety Surveys, Safety Program Development, Safety Implementation, and OSHA inspection assistance for compliance in programmatic issues or abatement of violations.  We hope you use our services to avoid and prevent violations injuries, fatalities, and accidents.  Prevention rather than correction after putting it off until these situations could occur.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
Site Safety Services and following EM-385 ACE Safety and Health Standards, Industrial Hygiene Air Monitoring

USACE Site Safety and Health Officer SSHO

Activity Hazard Analysis

Site Superintendant and experienced SSHO for federal projects.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Service
QA/QC for business

Lean Production Management
Lean services streamlining production processes saving you great costs in production. Lean manufacturing or lean production, (Lean), focuses production practice that considers the overheads of resources for any purpose other than the making of value for the end customer to be uneconomical, and therefore a possible object for elimination.


Chips, Wipe, Bulk

Radon Test Kits:
Kits are available for testing Homes, Schools, and Real-Estate transactions

Mold Sampling
Air, Tape Lift, Bulk samples (Some media may be free to clients)

Odor Identification:
Our industrial Hygiene department can help identify odors

Unknown Identification:
Find out what it is (We offer a materials testing & ID)

Building Emergency Preparedness and Evaluation of Vulnerabilities':
Local State and Federal requirements Life Safety Code Surveys, OSHA and EPA Compliance.

Assisting with Phase Two Environmental Sampling.
To our customers who we train for, Assist you with referrals for your environmental needs or safety equipment, and selection and use of respirators or protective equipment for potential exposures above the TLV Threshold Limit Value and Permissible Exposure Limits by OSHA (PEL). or EPA Air Quality Standards..

Emergency Response Site Safety Officers
Site Safety, Air Monitoring, Spill Control Plan, Emergency Contingency Plan

Process Safety Management of Industrial Hygiene related issues.

1) Our management consultant services for business utilize the best available technology to help our clients with private needs, purchasing of safety equipment, and industrial hygiene client services. We have the ability to identify any hazards: the ability to assess employee exposure and risk, knowledge of OSHA standards, knowledge of hazard correction techniques and practices of Quality Assurance and Quality Control, knowledge of workplace safety and health program requirements, and the ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing.


2) Provide health and safety expertise necessary to properly meet the demand for consultation by the various industries and facilities.  Industrial Hygiene we focus on the health issues that face many private and government agencies.  We assist our clients to meet Quality Assurance and Quality Control goals for Environmental, Health and Safety.


3) We service new and existing customers in a variety of Industrial Hygiene, Emergency Preparedness, HAZWOPER, safety, Start-up, Operations, Closure, and others through our business management specialties.


4) Our consultation expertise consists of the ability to identify hazards in the workplaces we visit;

ability to determine employee exposure and risk, and in particular our knowledge and application of applicable Federal or State statutes, regulations or standards, our knowledge consists in application of appropriate hazard correction techniques and approaches, our services provide knowledge and application of the requirements of an effective workplace safety and health program, and the ability to communicate effectively our findings and recommendations and the reasons for them to clients, and relevant information, skills and techniques to clients and their employees.


5) We provide maintenance to programs for safety and quality through ongoing monitoring and amending the programs to keep current and up to date.


6) We offer a variety of training services to meet any business needs for Environmental, Safety and Health.


7) Reviewed by a Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist

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