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10 Man HAZWOPER Crew for 30 Days 6 Days a week.

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AED we sell Automatic Electronic Defibrillator for construction general industry and organizations. 2

Ea. with extra Pads Field Case

No Prescription required on certain model.

With A full Portable De-Con. 1 Ea.
960 Super Safety Chemical Resistant Suits 960 Case Depends on Style
2 Cases of Exam Gloves 2 Cs
12 V Guard Hard Hats with ratchet Suspension or Rescue Caps 12 E  Dozen "2 for Visitors"
2 Multi Gas CGI's 2 Ea.
MSA Detector Tube Pump 1 Ea.
MSA Colorimetric Tubes For Specific Chemicals 4 Box.
2 Organic Vapor Analyzers, Other Instruments like Mercury Vapor Analyzers, 2 Ea.
Combustible Gas Analyzers, 2 Ea.
10 MSA Full Face Respirators With Nose Cup 11 Ea.
12 Lens Protectors 2 Bx.
MSA Respirator Disinfectant 4 Cs.
4 MSHA Airhawk (industrial) OSHA required by Excavation standard for hazardous atmosphere or Blackhawk (Law Enforcement or Clan Labs) Plant Rescue SCBA's 4 Ea.
1 First Aid Kits 1 Ea.  Get refills now.
Trauma Kit Series 1 Ea.
Fire Extinguishers 2 Ea.
Eye Wash 1 Ea.
EYE WASH 6 Gallon or better 1 Ea.
Heat Stress Monitor Casella 1 Ea.
4 to 10 Radios 4 Ea.
960 Booties   Cs.
960 Ear Plugs (We charge a small fee to select ears plugs and review current data if you need that option) 960 Bx.
240 Pairs of Cartridges (Contaminant of Concern) 240 Ea.
Cases of Duck Tape 2 Cs.
Weather Station Optional Available with Solar Panel 1 Ea.
Optional Cooling Vests 15 Ea.
Our Premium Thirst Quencher 10 Cs.
1 Case of Field Wipes 1 Cs.
1 De-con Tent 1 Ea.
4 Wash Tubs 4 Ea.
1 Roll of Drum Liners 1 Ea.
1 Roll of Caution Tape 1 Ea.
1 Roll of Danger Tape 1 Ea.
1 Case of Alconox Good for oil, Clorox for Bio 1 Cs.
Chemical Resistant Boots (Be sure to size mostly half Size big or get inserts too) 12 Ea.
Poly Sheeting various thickness and size rolls  10 Mil 1 Ea.  Various types and Amounts
Polyethylene Sheeting Heavy Duty For Decon Pad 1 Ea.        "                  "
Sump 1 Ea.
Electric Disconnect Capable of being locked open for Sump   May need outdoor rated wire.
Electrician Hook Up (HAZWOPER Trained may be required to set poles)    
Dense Grade Rock and Runners Wood Etc for Heavy Equip Decon (Local Supply)    
Decon Trailer or Building or Tent (Depends on Duration) 1 Ea.
Office Set-up 1 Ea.
No Smoking Signs 3 Ea.
Safety Gas Cans 1 Ea.

Spill Absorbents e.g. Rolls for Personnel De-con, 2 x 2 Pads, Booms Etc.


Depends on Style



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