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Freedom Series™ Helmets

Full Decoration   V-Gard CAP with Fas-Trac® Suspension  

V-Gard HAT with Fas-Trac® Suspension

American Stars and Stripes Design  



American Flag with 2 Eagles  



Camouflage Helmet  



Dual American Flag Design  


Patriotic Canadian  


Patriotic Mexican  


Front Logo Only

"United We Stand" V-Gard Cap  


Let Freedom Shine!

Hardhat wearers can express their patriotism

and protect their heads by wearing one of MSA’s

new special series of Freedom caps and hats.

The bright designs are exceptionally attractive,

with a superior shiny finish, on the V-Gard Cap

and Hat shell. Five designs are available:

• American Flag with 2 Eagles: waving American

flag over entire cap or hat with golden eagle on

each side

• American Stars & Stripes: red & white stripes

on front, white stars on blue field over rest of

cap or hat

• Dual American Flag: waving American flag

on each side

• Patriotic Canadian: red maple leaf design

• Patriotic Mexican: eagle seal on cap front,

Mexican flag on each side

• Camouflage: American flag on front (decal)

and "Support Our Troops"on back of the

cap or hat

The Freedom Series Caps, which come with

MSA’s Fas-Trac suspension are lightweight,

durable, and comfortable. They meet all

applicable requirements of a Type I helmet as

outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003 and CSA Z94.1-2005

(Class E).The helmet’s accessory slots accept all

MSA V-Gard accessories. Also, your logo can be

custom-imprinted on top of the design,if desired.

Another way Americans can express their

solidarity is with a special "United We Stand"

hardhat, which is a white V-Gard Cap with

Fas-Trac ratchet suspension, and the

"United We Stand" logo.

Nascar Racing Team Signature V-Gard® Helmet

Racing fans across the country can have

"on-the-job" protection against impact from

falling objects, while showing their loyalty to

their favorite racing team. The Nascar Racing

Team Signature V-Gard Cap offers superior

quality, comfort, and protection. The Nascar

Racing Team Signature Cap meets or exceeds

all applicable requirements of a Type I helmet

as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003 and CSA Z94.1-2005 (Class E). Safety directors appreciate how these caps complement their safety programs.

With more workers inclined to wear them, they can improve wearer acceptance.


 V-Gard Cap with Fas-Trac® Suspension

#8–Dale Earnhardt Jr.  



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