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Ultralight™ Cap Lamp System

The state-of-the-art Ultralight Cap Lamp System

has the brightest prefocused spotlight available

(tungsten halogen) and provides exceptionally

brilliant illumination of the work site. It has a

long-life Luminator battery and a variety of

battery charging equipment available.

The two-inch diameter, state-of-the-art Ultralight

Cap Lamp headpiece is made of high-impact polycarbonate

and consists of only five major parts:

• A one-piece polycarbonate bezel/lens

(glass-laminated lens optional).

• A computer-designed, prefocused bulb/

reflector assembly, featuring a high output,

tungsten-halogen bulb, accurately positioned

in the focal point of the reflector to assure a

good spot.

• A plug-in tungsten-halogen bulb emergency

escape light.

• A main housing with a printed circuit board for

bulb and battery cable connections.

• A three-position switch.

A wire spring keeps the bulb/ reflector assembly

properly resting against the lens to reduce

vibration and mechanical shock.

The prefocused bulb/reflector assembly eliminates

the need for a focusing mechanism. Both

the on/off switch and the charging contact are

located in the headpiece housing. With only four

major parts, inventory, replacement stocks and

downtime are minimized.

The tungsten-halogen bulb provides a white,

bright light, achieved with little battery power

consumption, because tungsten-halogen bulbs

are extremely efficient. In fact, more light output

is achieved without reduction in bulb life. The

light is also softer to miner’s eyes.

In addition, the light output is more consistent,

providing 85 to 95% of its initial light output, even

at 70% of life expectancy. The bulb has a 1.0 amp

rating at 4 volts. This lower amperage allows for

longer cap lamp  use between charges.

The prefocused bulb/reflector assembly efficiently

concentrates over 90% of the light into a highly

concentrated beam for exceptionally bright

illumination of the work site.

Ultralight Specifications

Operating voltage:4.2 to 3.8

Operating Time: Up to 16 hours

Battery Dimensions:7W" x 5W" x 1V"

Weight:4 lb 12 oz

Light Intensity:@ 10 feet (using standard bulb

with fully charged battery) = 1450 LUX

Bulb Amperage:1.0 (nominal)



MineSpot®Luminator® Batteries

The MineSpot Luminator Batteries are assembled

as a complete sealed unit that requires nothing

more than routine charging and periodic

watering. The battery case is impact-resistant

polycarbonate with reinforced bottom corners

and molded-in belt loops. The Luminator Battery

was designed for low maintenance and long life.

Watering is required only every 4–6 weeks. MSA

offers a choice of batteries: either a 13 Ampere

Hour (AH) for normal work shifts or a 16 AH for

longer work shifts. The MineSpot Luminator

Battery must be charged after each use.

Approvals and Standards

All MSA Cap Lamps have Mine Safety and Health

Administration Certifications (MSHA certification)

for use in an atmosphere of methane and air only.


Ultralight Cap Lamp System

Ultralight Cap Lamp, with acid-filled Luminator Plus battery (16 AH)  


Ultralight Cap Lamp, with acid-filled Luminator Plus battery (16 AH) and remote power takeoff adapter  


Ultralight Headpiece,cable and cover assembly (no battery  


Ultralight Headpiece,cable and cover assembly (no battery), with remote power takeoff adapter  


MineSpot Luminator Battery

MineSpot Luminator Plus battery (16 AH), with acid  


Clips (2 required) for Luminator battery  


Power Builder Charger Stations

Pwer Builder single-unit, AC  


Power Builder single-unit, DC  


Power Builder 10-unit  


Power Builder 5-unit  


Circuit Board Module, replacement  


Transformer, replacement  


Leg Assembly Kit (up to 60-station)  


Cap Lamp Spare Parts and Accessories





Cable Assembly  


Secondary Bulb  


Bezel with glass laminated lens  


Swivel Adapter  


Comfo-Cap (white), with lamp bracket and cord holder  


Battery Pouch, nylon (fits MSA and Koehler)  


Remote Adapter with battery top  


Adapters for Koehler (Wheat) Cap Lamps and Charging Equipment

Using these adapters will permit you to charge an MSA Ultralight Cap Lamp on

Koehler (Wheat) equipment.

1 Single-unit adapter for use with Wheat single unit slide-on (Mark II) or turnkey (Mark V) chargers  


CAUTION:Do not mix cap lamp components from different manufacturer for use

in applications where MSHA approval is required.


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