Industrial SCBA

AirHawk® MMR Air Mask

Based on the highly successful MSA FireHawk Air Mask which sees duty in the harshest environment —firefighting— MSA’s Airhawk MMR Air Mask incorporates the latest technologies available for industrial, agricultural, HazMat and HVAC work. What sets the Airhawk SCBA apart from the rest of the field is the long list of options that let you customize the apparatus for your specific needs.

AirHawk® MMR Air Mask

Designed with the industrial user in mind, employing the latest in engineering advancements, the Airhawk MMR Air Mask will perform wherever firefighting compliance to NFPA 1981 is not required. See p. 55 for AirHawk ATO ordering information.



• The Airhawk SCBA is available in

low-pressure (2216 psig) or high-pressure

(4500 psig) versions

• Three different 30-minute rated

low-pressure cylinder types—aluminum,

hoop-wound or stealth—let you choose

low weight or low-cost

• High-pressure Carbon Fiber-wrapped

Composite cylinders are available in

30-,45- or 60-minute rated durations

• The innovative Firehawk PTC (Push-To-

Connect) Regulator easily and securely

attaches to your facepiece



• The industry leading Ultra Elite® Facepiece

offers the choice of three sizes in either

SoftFeel® Hycar rubber or silicone

• Dual-purpose options allow the

connection of an air-line. Five different

quick-disconnect fittings are available

• The harness assembly is available in

Nylon or flame-and-heat-resistant (FHR)

Kevlar material. A chest strap, lumbar

pad and shoulder pads can also be

added, making this the most

comfortable industrial Air Mask on

the market today


Tactical Air Masks

BlackHawk® Tactical Air Mask

The BlackHawk Tactical Air Mask is especially designed for surveillance. Certain BlackHawk features eliminate

reflections and/or audible sounds that would compromise concealment—in other words, it is black, sleek and silent.

BlackHawk® Tactical Air


Rescue Belt

• Emergency egress system integral to the

SCBA waist belt

• Includes Kevlar line and rappelling hardware

Carrying Case

• A hard case or soft case are offered for

storage purposes

CBRN Protection

• Optional CBRN hardened facepiece and regulator


• Positive protection from CBRN agents

• Same CBRN components as the very popular

FireHawk Air Mask

Ultra Elite® Facepiece

• All-black Ultra Elite facepiece, available in

Hycar or silicone rubber

• Three sizes of facepiece with two sizes of

black nosecups

• Night fighter® HUD System mounting


• SpeeD-ON® Head Harness

Mask-Mounted Regulator

• Firehawk® Regulator with Push-to-

Connect feature

• Neoprene intermediate pressure hose

• Variable flow bypass system

EOSTI / Gauge

• Nightfighter Heads-Up Display

functions silently as the low pressure

warning device and the cylinder

pressure gauge*

• System consists of a transmitter mounted

on the gauge line and a receiver that

mounts on the facepiece

• A series of LEDs provides the user with

cylinder volume information

• LEDs function in an intermittent mode

and can be refreshed by depressing the

refresh button on the transmitter

* There is no audible low-pressure warning device on this unit.


Harness and Carrier

• Composite back plate made of glass reinforced

thermo-set plastic

• Waistbelt, shoulder straps and

pull strap are all made of flame and

heat-resistant (FHR) Kevlar material

• Optional FHR shoulder pads and

lumbar pad

• Optional FHR chest strap

• Adjustable Kevlar cylinder retention

strap with over-center latching system

• Cylinder shroud that encompasses the

cylinder and Air Mask pneumatics.

Shroud is made of Advance FHR material


• The Blackhawk Air Mask is available in

both low-pressure (2216 psi) and high pressure

(4500 psi) operating systems

• Carbon- fiber cylinders available for use

are:L-30 Stealth,H-30 Stealth,H-45

Low-Profile Stealth,H-60 Stealth

Quick-Fill® System Option

• A shoulder-mounted Quick-Fill System

option is offered

Workline Accessory

• For extended-use applications, an air-line

accessory is available with your choice of

five different types of fittings


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