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When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to be responsible for the health and safety of workers in and around areas of hazardous materials and contaminated waste, OSHA responded by formulating an all encompassing compendium of safety regulations that prescribe operating standards for all aspects of OSHA projects. Almost 2 million people are affected by the OSHA Standard today.

In 1990, additional standards proposed and developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) were accepted by OSHA. NFPA Standard 1991 set performance requirements for totally encapsulated vapor tight chemical suits and includes rigid chemical and flame resistance tests and a permeation test against 21 challenge chemicals.

The basic OSHA Standard calls for 4 levels of protection, A through D, and specifies in detail the equipment and clothing requited to adequately protect the wearer at corresponding danger levels.

Level A is now here Level A!

Level A Hazmat Level A represents the greatest danger of respiratory, eye or skin damage from hazardous vapors, gases, particulates, sudden splash, immersion or contact with hazardous materials. It calls for total encapsulation in a vapor tight chemical suit with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) or supplied air and appropriate accessories

Super Safety the Lakeland Distributor of Level A chemical protective clothing can also be manufactured to meet NFPA 1991 specifications.

Level B Hazmat Level B situations call for the highest degree of respiratory protection but a lesser need for skin protection. It calls for SCBA or positive pressure supplied air respirator with escape SCBA, plus hooded chemical resistant clothing (overalls and long sleeved jacket; coveralls; one or two piece chemical-splash suit; or disposable chemical-resistant coveralls.

ChemMax® 1 is entry level chemical garment. It's perfect for low level chemical exposure.

ChemMax® 2 offers a higher degree of protection than ChemMax® 1.

ChemMax® 3 is the highest level of protection offered in the ChemMax® line. It protects from a broad spectrum of hazardous chemicals and chemical warfare agents.

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ChemMax 1 ® All garments have storm flap over zipper with pressure sensitive tape unless otherwise


ChemMax 2 ® Saranex-Laminated ChemMAX 2, White Fabric, Sealed Seam, All garments have storm flap over zipper with pressure sensitive tape unless


ChemMax 3 ® ChemMAX 3, Grey Fabric, Sealed Seam, All garments have storm flap over zipper with pressure sensitive tape unless otherwise noted

Listed Sm-XL/ List Pricing varies by size; So Add Approximately 7% Ea size after Small-XL These are available in a multitude of styles ankles, wrists and hoods very with part number call for information some of the most common coveralls are listed below.

List Price

Small through XL ChemMax® 1 Part #, C70151 case 25 Ea. $218.12
Small through XL ChemMax® 2 Part #, C72151 case 6 Ea. $257.52
Grey Small through XL ChemMax® 3 Part #, C3T151 Case 6 Ea. $360.26
Grey Small through XL ChemMax® 3 Part #, C3T160 Case 6 Ea. $388.14

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