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First please note IS stands for Intrinsically Safe we do sell IS pumps.

Apex portable sampling pumps.

Apex pump

Apex pump and starter kit

 The Apex series of sampling pumps represents one of the most reliable, high performance personal air samplers available. Born out of extensive marketing and design research, and built on over 40 years of experience in the personal air sampling industry, the Apex series is a completely new design. It utilizes the most up to date and innovative design technologies, has true volumetric flow control circuitry, and offers many advanced features over its competitors. Yet, despite all these powerful benefits the Apex series pumps retain the ability to be intuitive and easy to use.

 Built to comply to NIOSH0600 and EN1232/MDHS14/3 and with a flow range from 5ml (with the use of a low flow adaptor) to 5000ml/min the pump is suitable for most sampling applications including solvent, fume, gases, asbestos and general personal sampling regimes.

 With real time LCD display of flow rate, volume sampled, elapsed sample time, ambient temperature, current operating mode and program details and with an all new patented (pending) method of volumetric flow control based on outlet pressure with fully digital control circuitry, the unit offers extremely stable flow control for long periods between calibrations.

 The Apex series is the most compact and versatile range of true 5l/min pumps available on the market.

Key Benefits

  • large LCD with customized display for results
  • up to 5 l/m yet lightweight and easy to use
  • choice of rechargeable or alkaline battery pack
  • wide range of sampling heads available
  • delay start and stop timers for auto run (Pro model)
  • data logging for time history analysis (Pro model)


Description Part # or SKU # Price US$
Apex standard with NiMH & charger 182000B/K1 695
Apex Pro Pump with NiMH & charger in single kit case 182063B/K1 795
5 Apex Standard pumps with 5 separate chargers
in toolbox style case
182000SK5 3,445.00
5 Apex Pro pumps with 5 separate chargers,
in toolbox style carrying case + software & infrared interface
182063SK5 4,275.00
5 Apex Pro IS pumps with 5 separate IS chargers,
in toolbox style carrying case + software & infra red interface
182160S/K5 4,625.00
Pricing listed may not be current after April 20,2005

Shipping or destination charges not included.



A full range of accessories and multi pack kits are available. Please call for full details.

Sampling heads and adaptors

 CIS head and accessories

Apex pump and Lo flow adaptor

 To complement the range of Super Safety's Casella Apex sampling pumps and the Microdust pro real time particulate monitor a complete range of sampling heads and filters are available from Casella USA.

 Filter heads include the Conical Inhalable Sampler (CIS), the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) head, the Total Inhalable Head (TIH), Asbestos head, the Respirable Cyclone head, the Rosin/Solder fume head. Various sized polyurethane foam filters (PUF) are available to select the PM2.5, PM10 and respirable sampling in addition to the inhalable sampling.

 Gas and vapor sampling can be achieved by adding a sampling bag to the Apex pumps to collect a grab sample with automatic cutout when the gasbag is full. Use of sorbent tubes following the NIOSH protocols with the Apex pumps allows comprehensive studies of workplace sources of possible emissions.

Super Safety is able to offer a complete range of glass fiber (GF/A) and mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membrane filters and all the necessary cassettes to go with the adaptors to suit air-sampling tasks with the Apex pumps or the Microdust pro monitor.

 A range of calibration methods is available to verify the required flow rates needed when using air-sampling devices. Super Safety can offer traditional rotameters, dry flow calibrators for low flow situations and a portable primary dry flow calibration source for laboratory or on-site work with the air sampling pumps.

Key Features:  

►Small and lightweight pumps (less than 18 oz. including battery)

►Wide flow range from 5 ml/min to 5L/min for non IS unit

►Standard Apex model for straight forward sampling

►advanced pro model with data logging and programmability options

►UL listed models for use in hazardous locations

►Drop in charger unit for easy recharging

►Possibility for for emergency alkaline battery pack in both non IS models

►Wide range of accessories and adapters

►Two stage security features prevent tampering by wearer

►Infra Red communication for simple wireless downloads to PC


[Note that only IS models should be used in hazardous areas that require UL (or equivalent) approval.  Note that some features listed are model specific.  Please see the relevant sales brochures for full details by contacting us.  Note that all parts are offered are subject to availability. Super Safety reserves the right to change these prices without notice.]


Call to order (800) 275-8239! Mention Apex Personal Sampling or ask for a Industrial Hygienist.

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